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Car Accident Claims

How to Protect Your Rights When Filing a Car Accident Claim

After a Crash in The Woodlands, Take These 8 Steps to Set a Claim Up for Success From Woodlands Parkway to Research Forest Drive, the roads threaded through The Woodlands, TX see their fair share of car accidents every year....

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How to Turn in a Median in Texas

The Rules for Turning in Medians in Texas Involve Some Math! When you’re making a left-hand turn into a median, are you supposed to cross to the far side of the median, in front of another vehicle—or should you stay...

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What Causes Truck Accidents: 5 Common Causes

Most truck wrecks are caused by: Driver errorsTrucking company policy or negligenceMechanical failuresRoad conditionsWeather conditions Top 5 Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents One or more of the following factors typically causes most truck wrecks in the U.S. Driver Errors This can...

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What to Do After a Car Accident in The Woodlands, TX

7 Steps to Take After a Crash  After a car wreck in The Woodlands, TX, do the following to protect your rights and a future claim: Call the police. Get the medical care you need. Gather info and evidence at...

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