Category: Car Accident Claims

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  • January
    03 2019

    When Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for a Car Accident?

    Whenever you are serious about protecting the strength, value, and success of your car accident claim, you need to retain an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Here’s why… Why You Need To Hire a Car Accident Lawyer When it’s time to recover from a car accident and hold the at-fault parties accountable, you’ll need […]

  • December
    20 2018

    When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

    Generally, it’s recommended that car accident survivors consult a lawyer as soon as possible after a wreck. You’ll most likely have medical expenses that will have to be paid for and you’ll need to hire a car accident lawyer to help you determine: Who is at fault and liable for the wreck What your options […]

  • November
    20 2018

    Hit & Runs: What to Do in a Car Wreck When Another Driver Flees the Scene

    Texas Car Accident Lawyer When motorists are in crashes anywhere in Texas, state law1 requires them to stay at the accident scene and exchange driver- and insurance-related information with the other involved parties. Texas law also requires drivers to always call police whenever the accident involves: ·         Injuries ·         Damaged vehicles that cannot be moved […]

  • August
    21 2018

    5 Key Steps to Take after a Serious Car Accident

    After a bad car wreck, the things you do and don’t do can greatly impact a future claim and your recovery options. To help you take the right steps, here’s a rundown of the top five things to do after a car crash.  Call police & seek medical attention – Police can be incredibly helpful […]

  • August
    20 2018

    How to Obtain a Car Accident Report in Texas

    Calling the police after a car crash can provide the immediate assistance and support victims need. It can also have longer-term impacts, particularly when it comes to determining fault and pursuing a claim for compensation. Whenever you may be involved in a wreck, and police have responded to the scene, they will write up an […]