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  • March
    19 2019

    Dealing with Multiple Parties in Motor Vehicle & Truck Wrecks: Who’s Liable?

    Liability for motor vehicle and truck accidents does not always sit solely with a single individual or party. In fact, many traffic wrecks are the result of multiple parties’ negligence. In these cases, victims can have multiple claims to hold each negligent party liable. Revealing more about how these claims work, the following answers some […]

  • March
    14 2019

    Texas Personal Injury Cases & Minors: A Guide for Parents & Legal Guardians

    In Texas, personal injury cases for minors work differently than claims for adults. That’s because Texas law does not grant minors the legal authority to file their claim alone. Revealing more about these claims, this guide explains how personal injury cases for minors work in Texas so parents and guardians know how to seek justice […]

  • December
    09 2018

    2 Dead & 10 Injured after Head-On Collision between a School Bus & a Semi-Truck in Bloomington, IL

    At about 8:32 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 5, a semi-truck and a school bus were involved in a deadly head-on collision just south of Bloomington, IL. According to investigators, the semi-truck driver was going the wrong way on west Interstate 74 (I-74) just before the crash. The school bus, which was transporting 3 adults and […]

  • July
    16 2018

    New Mexico Bus Wreck Kills 3 and Injures 24 on Interstate 25

      A bus wreck occurred around 2:00 a.m. while traveling on I-25 through New Mexico Highway. The devastating wreck involved three other vehicles, killed 3 people, and sent 24 others to the hospital with injuries   The tour bus was on its way to El Paso from Denver, carrying 35 people including the two bus drivers. […]

  • June
    14 2018

    Handling Your Medical Bills After A Bus Wreck

    Handling Your Medical Bills After A Bus Wreck   After being in a bus wreck the last thing you want to do is worry about your medical bills. Unfortunately, your bills will start piling up as soon as you are taken to the emergency room. This can be very troubling on top of everything else […]