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Carrollton, Texas, the Dallas suburb “Where Connections Happen,” has enjoyed a 30% drop in traffic wrecks since 2018. That’s what the latest statistics reveal, and it’s not the only key finding they share.

In fact, despite the remarkable drop in collisions in Carrollton, this suburb’s busy roads — from Hebron Parkway and Frankford Road to I-35 and Belt Line Drive — have still seen an average of 7 motor vehicle wrecks every day over the past few years.

While these crashes can affect any vehicles on Carrollton’s roads, 18-wheelers are commonly involved in the most severe wrecks that leave behind the worst damage.

For those who survive or lose a loved one to a tractor-trailer crash, it’s important to remember that they are not alone. A Carrollton truck accident lawyer can be an essential ally and advocate when it’s time to file a claim and recover.

When Do I Have a Claim After a Truck Accident in Carrollton, TX?

You may have a truck accident claim if:

  1. Your crash occurred within the past 2 years: After 2 years, the statute of limitations for truck accident claims in Texas will usually expire.
  2. The semi-truck accident harmed you: Specifically, the wreck has to have resulted in physical injuries and/or financial losses in order for a claim to potentially exist. If there are no injuries or losses, there will be no basis for seeking compensation through a truck accident claim.
  3. Some other party is primarily at fault for causing the wreck: As a modified comparative fault state, Texas has a law allowing accident victims who may be partially at fault for a crash to seek compensation for it, as long as they are not their percentage of responsibility is not “greater than 50 percent.”

Keep in mind that you may not have all of the information you need to assess the above — and that:

  • There are exceptions to the 2-year statute of limitations.
  • It’s not always easy to assess the injuries and losses caused by a wreck. In fact, this can be a complicated aspect of many semi-truck accident cases.
  • Fault determinations by insurance companies aren’t always correct. It’s not uncommon for victims to be wrongly assigned some level of fault for wrecks.

These are some reasons why it’s important to consult a Carrollton truck accident attorney after a wreck. A lawyer can dig into the details of your situation, explain if you have a claim, and identify the best ways to move forward.

When Do Truck Accident Claims Go to Court?

Whenever claims can’t be settled out of court, victims (plaintiffs) and the liable parties (defendants) will fight it out in court. This can happen when there are unresolvable disputes over key issues in a case, like:

  • Liability: Defendants may fight liability when the evidence is not definitive, the stakes are high, or other parties share the blame. Sometimes, it may be necessary to go to court when victims have been wrongly identified as an at-fault party.
  • Damages: If plaintiffs and defendants can’t agree on a settlement, again, it may be time to take a case to court. Disputes over damages can arise when victims are wrongly assigned some percentage of fault for the crash. Similarly, these disputes can happen when there are disagreements over the severity of the injuries or what injuries may have pre-existed the crash.

Most truck accident cases do not end up in court. Instead, they are usually settled out of court. Regardless of the path a case takes, a Carrollton truck accident lawyer can guide and represent you at every stage, fighting for your interests and the best possible resolution.

When Will a Carrollton Truck Accident Lawyer Get Started on My Case?

Once you sign a retainer agreement, you will officially have an attorney working for you on your case. When you do this, you generally will not have to pay any upfront fees because reputable 18-wheeler crash attorneys work on contingency. That means you only pay if or when compensation is recovered for your claim.

Let an Experienced Carrollton Truck Accident Lawyer Build You a Stronger Case

Make sure an 18-wheeler accident case is as strong as possible when it’s time to recover. Talk to a Carrollton truck accident lawyer and discover the next steps towards seeking the justice and compensation you may deserve.