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Brownsville, Texas, has been named one of America’s safest cities to drive in. Yet, thousands of wrecks still occur on Brownsville’s roads each year. In fact, the latest statistics show an average of 3,300 crashes in Brownsville every year since 2018. That’s more than 9 wrecks every day.

While many of those crashes are minor, it only takes one serious collision with a tractor-trailer to change your life forever. When that happens, the guidance and support you get after the collision can be critical to your recovery. In addition to seeking treatment from physicians who can treat your injuries, you can rely on a Brownsville truck accident lawyer to help you figure out liability and your legal options for financial recovery.

Discover how a Brownsville truck accident lawyer can help you in the FAQs below. You are also invited to get confidential answers about your rights and potential truck accident claim during a FREE consultation.

Who Is At Fault for My Truck Accident in Brownsville, TX?

Determining fault for a semi-truck accident is not always easy or straightforward. While liability may be clear-cut for some wrecks, more often, it takes careful investigations and analysis of the evidence to figure out who is responsible for causing an 18-wheeler crash.

This evidence, which can include the following, can be gathered, analyzed, preserved, and presented by an experienced Brownsville truck accident lawyer.

Truck Accident Police Reports

Officers detail their observations in these reports, explaining findings related to injuries, points of impact, debris at the scene, victim and witness statements, and more. Police reports for truck accidents can also note whether chemical testing was administered at the scene, who was taken away by ambulance, and whether anyone was arrested after a crash. 

Any of this info can be essential to fault determinations after an 18-wheeler accident. You can request an official copy of a police report for a Brownsville, TX, truck accident here.

Accident Scene Photos

Pictures that you or other parties took of the crash scene and damage can also reveal and prove fault for a truck accident. Some key things to look for in these photos can include:

  • Debris at the site
  • Tire tread marks on the ground
  • The damage to the involved vehicles
  • Road and weather conditions at the time of the crash
  • Whether any nearby businesses have surveillance cameras that may have captured the crash

Witness Statements

Witnesses, like other drivers or the passengers in the vehicles that crashed, can share important details that fill some gaps or clarify fault for an 18-wheeler wreck. While police reports can bring witnesses to light, a Brownsville truck accident lawyer may be able to track down additional potential witnesses (and other evidence) to assist with fault determinations and strengthen a claim.

What Happens During a Truck Accident Claim?

Truck accident claims can be some of the most complex motor vehicle accident cases. This is largely due to the facts that the trucking industry is highly regulated and that 18-wheeler wrecks can spark complicated questions and investigations. As such, these cases can involve different roads to resolution, based on the causes of the collision, who the at-fault parties are, and other factors.

Still, most truck accident claims will involve steps like (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Investigations, evidence collection, and evidence analysis
  • The issuance of spoliation letters to preserve evidence and/or demand letters
  • Determinations of liability while victims continue to pursue medical treatment
  • Settlement negotiations

Though most claims are settled out of court, truck accident lawsuits can be the endgame when defendants dispute liability and/or what constitutes “fair” damages.

What Compensation Can a Brownsville Truck Accident Lawyer Obtain for My Case?

Your injuries, losses, and suffering caused by a truck accident can dictate what type of recoveries may be available. Usually, it takes a thorough analysis of several factors to calculate truck accident compensation. The reason is that damages for 18-wheeler wrecks can potentially cover:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Past and future lost earnings
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Funeral costs
  • And more

Similar to fault determinations, compensation calculations can require a Brownsville truck accident lawyer who has experience with the unique facets and damages of these cases.

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