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BP To Pay $5.4 Million To Woman Discriminated Against In BPOil Spill Cleanup Effort

According to reports,BP and a select group of contractors are going to set aside $5.4 million assettlement money for women who believe they were denied jobs cleaning up afterthe 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill because of their sex. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)reported the settlement on June 28, 2012 and articulated that it includes nofinding that BP actually discriminated against the women.

Reportedly, the EEOCinvestigated allegations by several women in Louisiana and Alabama who saidthat certain spill response contractors did not consider them for the cleanupeffort because of their gender. Sourcessay the EEOC applauded BP’s willingness to confront gender discrimination. Legal sources say that BP required its contractorsto comply with Federal employment law. Reportedly,the class-action settlement covers female applicants in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi,Alabama and Florida. According to theEEOC, women seeking compensation may need to provide further information to beconsidered eligible. Further, sourcessay money that is not distributed will be donated to a Gulf-area charity thatbenefits women in the workplace.

If you are a femalewho feels they may have suffered discrimination when applying for a job helpingwith the Gulf Coast oil spill cleanup effort or anyone you know has experiencedhealth issues or any other type of damage related to the BP Gulf Coast oilspill or clean-up effort, please feel free to contact one of the Amaro LawFirm's experienced attorneys at 713-864-1941 or toll free at 877-292-8797.

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