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BP Oil Spill Settlement Health Program

According to various media reports in, the specifics of the BP oil spill settlement are still unknown to the public. However, according to the parts which have been made public, the health program is available to the estimated 90,000 cleanup workers and other spill responders such as government workers. The story states the settlement will also be made available to coastal residents who lived within a half-mile of a beach for at least 60 days between the April 20, 2010, explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon and the end of September. Further, the article states the settlement is also available to people who lived within a mile of wetlands for at least 60 days between the date of the accident and the end of 2010. If you do not fall into one of these groups, you can still file an individual action against BP for any grievances as a result of the oil spill.

According to the initial terms of the settlement, people who have experienced low-level ailments such as eye irritation, rashes, respiratory problems, dizziness, neurophysiological issues, stomach ailments and headaches, whether acute or chronic, can qualify for compensation by signing an affidavit about when and how they were exposed and what happened to them. Reportedly, compensation levels increase if people sought medical help, visited medic tents at work sites, or can demonstrate that they have developed a chronic condition.

Reportedly, every three years, for 21 years, participants in the medical settlement will get a undergo tests to help them determine whether there has been any change in their medical condition. The article states that tests will be made available within 25 miles of where people live, or BP will pay mileage. Further, the article continues that if people get sick later, they have a right to mediate with or to sue BP. Specifically, they would not have to prove that BP is liable, but they would need to prove a link between their condition and exposure to oil or dispersants.

The story further states that the deal will also create the $105 million Gulf Coast Region Health Outreach Program, which seeks to increase the capacity for delivering physical and mental health care in coastal communities. The article states that Plaintiffs' attorneys say the program is a recognition that an oil spill can cause stress, anxiety and domestic violence, and that small-town medical practitioners don't always have the expertise to recognize signs of chemical illness or know how to treat it.

Further, the article states that the Gulf Coast Region Health Outreach Program will create a specialist referral network to help diagnose and treat oil spill illnesses and will create an online library of oil spill-related research. Reportedly, the program aims to expand access to community-based primary care, create links to specialty care and raise the level of coastal clinics to federally qualified health care facilities so that they can serve Medicare and Medicaid patients.

If you or a loved one were involved in the BP Oil Spill cleanup and suffered temporary or long-term health problems, contact our BP Oil Spill attorneys to see what types of compensation you may be entitled to at 1-877-892-2797. You can also read more about the BP Health Program settlement by clicking

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