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BP Oil Spill Settlement For Cleanup Workers

According to reports, the settlement that BP is hashing out with oil spill victims will provide for a system that monitors health concerns and compensates people whose illness is found to have a direct link to the April 2010 BP Oil Spill. Many Gulf Coast residents are happy that their cases will get a serious evaluation, despite the hurdles in proving that rashes, shortness of breath, and other maladies were caused by the oil or chemical dispersants sprayed to break it up.

According to the settlement, BP expects to pay out $7.8 billion to settle claims which include property damage, lost wages, economic losses to businesses, and personal injury claims related to exposure to harmful chemicals and agents. Sources say that previous settlements paid out by BP through the Gulf Claims Compensation Fund had not included those people who claim that illness resulted from exposure to chemicals associated with the cleanup of the oil spill, as well as the oil itself.

Although the settlement has not been finalized, it is anticipated that the Plaintiffs will have to show that they got sick from the oil spill. The claimants must be examined by a court-approved health care practitioner. Then, sources say a claims administrator working under the supervision of a federal judge will determine who should be paid. Anyone who lived in the area where there was a risk of exposure is eligible to participate in the claims process.

The settlement also establishes a program to monitor claimants’ health for a period of 21 years. Legal authorities say this will enable people whose physical symptoms have not yet developed to pursue claims in the future. Reportedly, BP has also promised to pay $105 million to improve health care around the Gulf region.

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