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BP Caps Equipment Leaking Oil Two Years After Gulf Spill

According to reports, British Petroleum has capped and plugged the abandoned piece of equipment believed to be the source of a sheen spotted near the site of its massive 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. BP, the London based oil giant, has stated that workers placed a 750 pound cap over an 86 ton steel container that it had deployed in failed effort to contain the Gulf oil spill.

BP says it inserted plugs on the top and sides of the container, which had been lowered over a leaking drill pipe in an effort to funnel oil to the surface. According to BP and the Coast Guard, no oil has seeped from the container since it was capped and plugged. However, critics are quick to point out that this fact is not very comforting considering the container has been in the ocean for over two years before it was plugged. BP says it plans to monitor the sheen by satellite for several more days.

According to the Coast Guard, BP will have to remove the remaining oil from the container or remove the container itself. Last week, BP said a three-day inspection confirmed that its Macondo well, which blew out and led to the nation's worst offshore oil spill, is not leaking. However, some politicians in Washington are not comfortable taking the company's word for it and are requesting the video footage from the underwater rovers being used to examine the site be released.

According to the Coast Guard, underwater video showed apparent oil globules leaking from the dome at an estimated rate of less than 100 gallons per day. Sources say the container sits on the seafloor, about 1,500 feet from the wellhead.

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