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Beaumont, Texas, has enjoyed a major decline in traffic wrecks in recent years. In fact, the latest statistics reveal a 37% drop in motor vehicle crashes occurring in Beaumont since 2018. Nevertheless, from Washington Blvd. and Delaware St. to 4th St., I-10, and beyond, Beaumont has seen an average of 10 traffic collisions every day over the past few years.

Sometimes, those wrecks involve semi-trucks, weighing 20 to 30 times more than passenger vehicles. When that happens, the damage can be catastrophic, and victims can count on a Beaumont truck accident lawyer for help recovering.

To learn more about a potential claim and what a Beaumont truck accident lawyer can do for you, continue reading. You are also invited to discover more about a potential 18-wheeler accident claim in a confidential and free case evaluation.

Who Is At Fault for My Truck Accident in Beaumont, TX?

Fault depends on factors specific to your 18-wheeler accident. That’s why it’s important to talk to a Beaumont truck accident lawyer for a clear answer to this question, as well as important legal advice that can help you moving forward.

Until then, it can also be helpful to know which parties are commonly liable for tractor-trailer wrecks in Beaumont, TX. Here are a few, along with some examples of when each could be liable for a semi-truck accident.


Passenger vehicle drivers, CDL holders, motorcyclists, and other motorists can cause 18-wheeler accidents when they aren’t as careful or safe on the roads as they should be. That can involve motorist impairment, like drunk or distracted driving, as well as reckless driving in general.

If Denton police were called after a tractor-trailer wreck and they responded to the scene, evidence of driver negligence may be documented in the police report.

Trucking companies

Motor carriers can be at fault when their failure to put safe drivers or vehicles on the roads plays a role in causing 18-wheeler wrecks. That can specifically involve failing to do things like train truckers, maintain big rigs, or abide by federal trucking regulations. It may also involve setting schedules or enforcing policies that force truckers to violate trucking regulations, like hours-of-service (HOS) rules.

Automakers and/or manufacturers

Faulty equipment on trucks may be the result of manufacturers’ design, build, and installation failures. In fact, corporations may choose to use cheap materials or cut corners to maximize their earnings, and that can lead to inherently unsafe equipment and serious truck wrecks. Filing a truck accident claim can be the best way to hold these negligent manufacturers accountable for the harm their defective equipment has caused.


Who was involved in the crash and where exactly did it occur? What were the road conditions at the time? What other evidence may be available? Depending on the answers to those questions, other parties who could be liable for a tractor-trailer crash may include:

  • Engineers, road construction teams, and/or road maintenance crew
  • Cities, counties, homeowners’ associations, and/or others who are responsible for maintaining roads
  • Loading dock workers, brokers, shippers, and other major players in the trucking industry

Determining liability can require a Beaumont truck accident lawyer who knows how to dig deeper and analyze complex records, video evidence, data from electronic onboard recorders, and more.

How Soon Can I Get Truck Accident Compensation?

The unique circumstances and facts of your case will determine how long it takes to resolve. So will the choices you make along the way. Generally speaking, however, here are some important things to know about the process and duration of 18-wheeler accident claims:

  • Complex cases tend to take longer than the simpler ones: Investigations may take longer, and it may be necessary to bring in experts to help interpret the complex or highly technical evidence. This could include experts to analyze tire tread, electronic logbook data, or dashcam footage.
  • Disputed facts can complicate cases: Fault is not the only thing that insurance companies may challenge when it’s time to discuss truck accident compensation. They may argue about the injuries or dispute what constitutes fair damages for a claim. Whenever this happens, those disputes need to be resolved before the claim can be settled.
  • Your choices can impact how long a claim may take: Some of those choices can include whether you see (or continue seeing) doctors, what you say to the insurance company, when you call a lawyer, and what you do if a settlement offer is put on the table. With a Beaumont truck accident attorney on your side, you can get experienced advice and counsel at every phase, helping you make the best choices to protect your rights, interests, and goals. That can be the best way to achieve more favorable and more efficient resolutions for truck accident claims.

How Much Does a Beaumont Truck Accident Lawyer Cost?

Nothing upfront — a reputable Beaumont truck accident attorney will usually only charge for legal services if compensation is recovered for a claim. That can help alleviate your financial stresses as you focus on getting justice.

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