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Austin Moving Truck Accident Attorney

Discover How to Recover & How an Austin Moving Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Moving trucks aren’t like other vehicles on the roads. Resembling commercial big rigs, moving trucks and vans are often operated by people who aren’t used to driving these vehicles. That’s because motorists don’t need commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) to handle moving vans. While that can create several risks on the roads, it’s just one of many potential dangers that can contribute to serious moving truck wrecks in and around Austin, Texas.

Whenever you’re involved in a moving truck crash, getting answers about your rights and the available legal remedies can be vital to both your recovery and your future. You can start finding those answers here in the FAQs below. You can also get confidential, case-specific answers from an Austin moving truck accident lawyer.

Who Is At Fault for My Moving Truck Accident in Austin, TX?

Fault for Austin moving truck crashes typically falls on the negligent parties, meaning those who failed to take reasonable care to prevent these wrecks. On Austin’s roads, those parties can include several individuals and/or entities, like:

  • Motorists: Careless, distracted, and impaired drivers can be liable for the moving truck crashes they cause, regardless of whether motorists were driving the truck or another vehicle at the time of the collision.
  • Moving truck companies: The companies that own and rent out moving trucks can be at fault for crashes caused by their trucks’ mechanical failures. They may also share some liability for renting trucks out to unlicensed motorists.
  • Other companies: The corporations that design and manufacture moving trucks (and/or their equipment) can be liable for accident-causing design flaws or manufacturing errors, like inherently defective tires or faulty brake systems.
  • Public entities: Municipalities, counties, and other public entities can be at fault for moving truck accidents caused by unsafe roads.

Figuring out liability — and determining if more than one party shoulders fault for an accident — typically requires an exhaustive investigation, along with a meticulous analysis of the evidence.

This is one aspect of a potential claim where an attorney can be incredibly helpful. That’s particularly true when moving truck accidents involve more complex factors, like corporate liability, multiple at-fault parties, and/or several victims.

What Happens After I File a Moving Truck Accident Claim?

There’s a lot that can occur after filing a moving truck accident case, including (but not limited to):

  • An investigation to gather evidence and develop a clearer picture of liability
  • Discovery and fact-finding efforts, which can involve exchanging potential evidence with the at-fault parties in a case
  • Dealing with insurance companies as the claim moves forward
  • Calculating damages for a claim
  • Negotiating and reviewing any settlement offers
  • Considering whether to accept settlement offers or push forward to trial

Keep in mind that every moving truck accident case is different and that your actions and objectives can impact how a claim moves forward. No matter who you are suing or what may lie ahead for your case, however, the representation of an Austin moving truck accident attorney can be vital — especially if you are serious about achieving a favorable, efficient resolution.

What Damages Can I Recover After a Moving Truck Accident in Austin?

If your claim is successful, the available damages will generally be tailored to cover the financial losses you’ve incurred from the wreck, as well as your pain, suffering, and other non-economic losses. That can mean that compensation for an Austin moving truck wreck may include damages for (but not exclusive to):

  • Medical care and treatment costs
  • Lost wages, earnings, and income
  • Damaged property, like vehicles and personal items
  • Negative impacts to a victim’s quality of life
  • Psychological trauma
  • Loss of consortium

This compensation, which may cover both past and future losses, may never restore the permanent losses you suffer in an Austin moving truck accident. Nevertheless, financial recoveries and successful cases can be crucial to helping victims reclaim their health and rebuild their lives.