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Austin Restaurants

Amaro Law Firm, your top rated Austin personal injury law firm, has rounded up the best places to dine in the Austin Area.

Delectable dishes, mouth-watering meals, and exciting eateries await you in Austin, TX! In fact, Austin has one of the hottest food scenes across Texas and the U.S., with an array of mom-and-pop diners, unique restaurants, and 5-star dining experiences that can wow the finest palettes around.

And no matter what you know about food — or what you like to eat — you don’t have to go very far or risk a traffic collision to discover some astonishingly delicious and delightful food, from your tried-and-true favorites to brand-new dishes and tastes you’ve never tried before.

To help you decide where to eat your next meal, here is an insider’s guide to the Austin restaurant scene, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what different neighborhoods have to offer.

Downtown Austin Restaurants

Amidst the high-rises and hustle and bustle of Downtown Austin, there are dozens of restaurants, from grab-and-go cafes to upscale, award-winning eateries. Whether you’re looking for a chic place for business lunches or your inner foodie wants to explore a new high-end restaurant in Austin, you’ll have plenty of options, many just steps away from each other, in Downtown Austin.

South Lamar

BBQ, sushi, burgers, and exceptional coffee are just some of the things that you’ll encounter on a venture to South Lamar’s dining scene. With several breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, ranging from affordable American favorites to exquisite, high-concept dishes, South Lamar is one of the reasons Austin is so hot on the restaurant scene right now — and it’s a must-visit neighborhood for true food lovers who want to really experience a taste of Austin.

East Austin

Want to dive into an amazing Tex-Mex dish? Looking for the hottest new food truck? Or do you want your next meal to be paired with a custom cocktail, designed to complement a lovely dish? If so, hop on over to East Austin, where there are so many good places to eat that you may have a problem picking one.

There are exotic options from Argentina, Mexico, France, and Japan, as well as some of the best Texas BBQ, favorite local cafes, and outdoor dining options on the Austin scene.

Travis Heights

Also home to one of the trendiest food scenes in Austin, TX, Travis Heights is home to some unique and really cool restaurant experiences. There’s an upscale bar and eatery where you can listen to your favorite vinyl while sipping on custom cocktails, as well as fancy retail stores offering tasty bites. You can also explore the flavors of Australia, the Mediterranean, France, Japan, and beyond at one of Travis Heights’ many exotic restaurants that bring their own flare to the traditional.

Where Else to Eat in Austin

Outside of Downtown, South Lamar, East Austin, and Travis Heights, there are so many other pockets of Austin that have beloved restaurants where you could find your next favorite meal. From Cherrywood, North Loop, and Zilker to Old West Austin, Mueller, South Congress, and beyond, you’re sure to run into a new treasure when you branch out and explore more of the Austin dining scene. As you do, you’ll also find surprising new options for takeout, delivery, and catering too!

In & Outside the Austin Restaurant Scene

As exciting as it can be to tour the many eateries in Austin, TX, the restaurants and bars are just two attractions that this city has to offer. That’s wonderful news if you live in Austin or if you’re planning to visit soon. Still, it can’t help those who are injured protect their rights or seek justice after they’ve been hurt by negligence. What can help, however, is consulting a personal injury attorney in Austin. That can put the injured on track to take the right steps toward recovering from a car crash, a truck wreck, a work accident, offshore accidents, boating accidents, and other injury-causing events.



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