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As Electric Scooters Multiply in Cities across the U.S., So Do Concerns, Injuries & Lawsuits

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Electric scooters are extremely popular in major cities across the U.S., offering cheap, easy ways to zip around. Despite the convenience they may offer, these e-scooters – and the companies that make and rent them – are coming under serious fire. The reasons are that:

Are E-Scooters Really That Dangerous?

  • More and more people are being hurt and killed in e-scooter accidents.
  • There’s growing evidence that these scooters may be inherently risky and that riders don’t know the real dangers they face when riding them.
  • E-scooter companies have gone to great lengths to try to dodge liability for unsafe e-scooters and the accidents, injuries and deaths they have caused.

Yes, they have caused all types of injuries, from spine and brain injuries to deadly injuries. When e-scooter accidents involve faster speeds and/or riders who weren’t wearing helmets, the injuries are typically more severe, if not life-threatening.

With the rise of e-scooters and mounting accidents and injuries caused by these vehicles, emergency rooms (ERs) across the nation have seen a surge in visits.

In fact, ERs in some regions, like Salt Lake City,1 have experienced a 161 percent surge in visits, which has solely been due to e-scooter injuries.

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What Makes E-Scooters Dangerous?

E-scooters can be risky and dangerous for a number of reasons, including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Poor, dangerous design – Many e-scooters are designed with short wheelbases for small wheels. This can make them inherently unstable, as well as difficult to operate on roads with even the slightest pavement defects.
  • Defective or malfunctioning parts – Various components of e-scooters have been reported to fail or malfunction while people are riding them. This includes everything from brakes and motors to sticky accelerators, combusting batteries, malfunctioning throttles, and more.
  • Lack of maintenance – Although the average e-scooter should be maintained regularly, this doesn’t always happen, leaving riders vulnerable to part failures and crashes.
  • The potential for passersby to damage the scooters – E-scooters parked on sidewalks are completely vulnerable to passersby. There have been reports of people vandalizing and tampering with parked e-scooters, presenting another serious risk to riders.

While the combination of these dangers can mean a big risk of accidents and injuries for e-scooter riders, the prevalence of these vehicles seems to send the presumptive message that they are easy and safe to use when, in fact, that aren’t.

How Can Victims of E-Scooter Accidents Take Action & Seek Justice?

Victims can talk to an attorney at the Amaro Law Firm to find out more about their potential claim and legal options. The evidence regarding the inherent flaws, risks, and dangers associated with e-scooters strongly suggests negligence on the part of:

  • Scooter rental companies
  • Manufacturers of e-scooters
  • Contractors or companies that maintain e-scooters.

Even though these companies have riders sign user agreements that put all liability for e-scooter accidents on riders, that does NOT necessarily mean that these companies are off the hook – or that they can automatically dodge responsibility for the harm caused by:

  • Their defective, malfunctioning, and/or inherently dangerous e-scooters
  • Their failures to warn riders about the real risks of accidents, injuries, and deaths that come with riding e-scooters.

The best way to stand up to these companies and hold them accountable is to contact the Amaro Law Firm.

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1: According to a report from the Washington Post