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Are Owners Ignoring GM Recall Notices?

A report in USA Today shows that nearly half of all registered vehicle owners who have received a GM recall notice for their defective ignition switches have not received the needed repairs. Since the company issued the GM recall notices in February, almost 1.1 million owners have taken their vehicles in for repairs on the faulty ignition switch. This still leaves more than 833,000 of the 1.96 million vehicles believed to be in service still in need of an ignition switch replacement.

GM Recall Notice Makes Headlines

The automaker issued one of its 79 GM recall notices in February, when news of the defective ignition switches was made public. The company issued the GM recall notice upon learning that the ignition switches in more than 2.6 million vehicles could move from the “ON” to the “ACC” position if the switch assembly was jostled or weighted down by a heavy key chain. The design flaw would cause the vehicle to lose power to the steering, braking, and airbag deployment systems. The defect has been blamed for at least 36 deaths and numerous injuries.

GM Recall Notices Include Incentives

The company has gone so far as to issue incentives with their GM recall notices. While customers with a GM recall notice will receive free replacement ignition switches, the company is also offering $25 gift cards for up to a million car owners who bring their affected vehicles in for repairs. Clarence Ditlow, the executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, called the gift card offer a “smart move” and remarked that the promotion would be “a lot cheaper and better” for the company than paying a “$25 million judgment on a recalled vehicle.”

GM Recall Notices Concentrate on Big Cities

The efforts to get vehicle owners to respond to the GM recall notices have thus far concentrated on five large metropolitan areas. The data compiled by GM shows that these five cities have the highest concentrations of vehicles affected by the GM recall notice. These cities include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas. GM has also added a Spanish-language web site and bilingual operators at its call centers to help Latino vehicle owners with the recall process.

Dealerships Help With GM Recall Notices

Local dealerships have joined with the corporate office in sending out the word on the GM recall notices. Many dealerships are offering loaner vehicles and staying open for extended hours. Mike Sutton, the operations director at Mac Haik Chevrolet in Houston, said that his dealership is offering Saturday hours for recall repair appointments. He also said that his repair crews have the replacement switches available and “can meet (the) demand today” for repairs.

Source: USA Today

Know Your Rights in a GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuit

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