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Texas Car Accident Lawyers

Official state records show that there were approximately 1.29 traffic fatalities in Texas per every hundred million vehicle miles traveled in 2018.

This places our state with the 16th highest death rate in the country. Some of the most noteworthy fatal accident statistics from 2018 include:

  • 418 motorcyclists killed – This includes both bike operators as well as passengers. About 49% of these fatalities were people who did not have a helmet at the time of their accident.
  • 621 pedestrians were killed – These victims were hit by vehicles, and this figure represents a slight increase from years prior.
  • 940 killed where at least one driver was intoxicated – These accidents include both intoxicated drivers, sober drivers, and passengers. About one in four traffic deaths in Texas is caused by a drunk driver.
  • 1,289 single-vehicle run-off deaths – This includes drivers or passengers killed when their car drove off the road. These accidents are responsible for over one-third of all traffic fatalities.

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Amaro Law Firm Accident Blog
Amaro Law Firm Accident Blog
Amaro Law Firm Accident Blog
Amaro Law Firm Accident Blog
Amaro Law Firm Accident Blog
Amaro Law Firm Accident Blog

Why should I hire you instead of other accident attorneys who I’m considering?

A skilled attorney will have a strong, convincing answer to this question. If you are considering other local attorneys, specifically ask about those lawyers by name.



It may even be helpful to ask for some references you can contact. Even if you never plan on contacting them, the response an attorney has to this request can be very telling about his or her reputation, as well as the quality of his or her representation.