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Abilene, Texas, has enjoyed a steady drop in motor vehicle crashes in recent years. In fact, from 11th and 27th Streets to Buffalo Gap Road, I-20, Business Loop 20, and beyond, Abilene has seen a 14% drop in traffic collisions since 2018, the latest statistics reveal.

That exciting trend, however, has not stopped wrecks entirely. Sadly, over the past few years, Abilene has still had an average of 8 crashes occur every day on its roads.

When these collisions involve tractor-trailers, the damage can be profound, and it can be difficult to know the legal options for financial recovery. That’s where an Abilene truck accident lawyer can start helping victims, shedding light on the options and a lot more, so they can take the right steps towards justice.

The FAQs below uncover more about why it’s so important to have an Abilene truck accident attorney in your corner after a wreck. You can get more answers and confidential advice about a potential claim in a free consultation.

How Do I Prove Fault for a Truck Accident in Abilene, TX?

You need convincing evidence that establishes liability and damages to prove fault and set a case up for a win. That can be much more complicated than it sounds, and it often takes a combination of various types of evidence.

This evidence, which can include the following, can be gathered, analyzed, preserved, and presented by an experienced Abilene truck accident lawyer.

Pictures & Videos of the 18-Wheeler Wreck

Photos and videos of the wreckage and the accident scene can show damage, points of impact, and debris, any of which can help reveal more about how a crash occurred. This type of evidence can also capture other potential witnesses and/or video footage, like from nearby security cameras (depending on where the crash occurs).

Witness Statements

Surrounding drivers, passengers, and others may have seen what happened at any point during the tractor-trailer crash. Their statements can strengthen victims’ versions of events or fill in new details.

Keep in mind that it can be difficult to get the info you need from witnesses after a semi-truck accident, especially if you’re hurt. That’s where another key piece of potential evidence may come in — the police report for the crash.

Police Reports

Crash reports document several key aspects of a crash and the officer’s ensuing investigation, including (but not limited to):

  • What each party involved in the crash said immediately afterward
  • Officers’ observations of the scene, the damage, and those involved in the wreck
  • Whether there were any witnesses and, if so, their contact information and statements
  • Whether anyone received emergency medical care at the scene and was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital
  • Any tickets that may have been issued or arrests that were made after the crash
  • Any field sobriety testing and/or blood alcohol testing performed at the scene or after

This and other information in police accident reports can help with liability determinations after tractor-trailer crashes. You can request an official copy of a police report for an Abilene, TX, truck accident here.

How Do I Get Compensation After a Truck Accident in Abilene?

You need to verify that you have a valid 18-wheeler wreck claim and, if so, take action to initiate it before time runs out. An Abilene truck accident lawyer can help you start, build, advance, and resolve your claim — and work diligently to position for success every step of the way.

While those steps to a resolution and truck accident compensation can vary from case to case, they generally include (and are not limited to):

  • Conducting initial investigations: This can involve revisiting the accident scene, identifying key evidence, and sending spoliation letters to preserve potential evidence.
  • Building the case: Discovery, depositions, and expert witnesses can all be part of the process of crafting a strong truck accident case. An experienced attorney will know what it takes to build the most persuasive case possible.
  • Dealing with insurance companies: Insurers are typically part of the process from the moment they receive a report that the crash occurred. And they won’t be on your side. They’ll be focused on paying as little as possible.

What happens next will depend on case-specific factors, as well as your choices, your objectives, and the Abilene truck accident lawyer who is in your corner.

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