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6 Essential Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim after a Hail Storm

Tips for Filing Hail Damage Claims

Tips for Filing Hail Damage Claims

Insurance companies typically prioritize profits over their insureds. This can mean that they are commonly focused on finding reasons to delay, underpay or deny claims.

If you know the steps that you should and shouldn’t take when filing a hail damage claim, you can protect your claim and position it for a successful outcome.

Preparing to File a Hail Damage Claim?

What to Do When Filing a Hail Damage Claim

  1. File the claim promptly – Don’t wait too long after the storm to initiate a claim. Certain insurance providers and policies have strict filing deadlines for submitting claims. Also, more evidence supporting a claim tends to be available sooner (rather than months or years) after the storm. As soon as you file the claim, be sure to document the date when the claim was filed and the filing method (online, in writing, etc.). Also, record when and how the insurance company responded.
  1. Include all information regarding the damage – This can include the date of event, photographs of the damage, pre-damage photos, etc. These elements can be important to establishing the extent of the damage and the necessary repair(s).
  1. Document everything – Every time you interact with an insurance company, record details about the interaction. Include the date and time, the name of the adjuster (or representative), the topic(s) discussed and the method of communication (email, call, etc.). These records can contain helpful details about how a hail damage claim was handled (or mishandled) at any given point.
  2. Be onsite for the adjuster’s inspection – If the inspection has been scheduled for a time that you’re not available, ask for it to be rescheduled. Being present during the inspection allows you to witness what the adjuster looks at and how long (s)he spends inspecting the home.
  3. Be aware that you can supplement – If you don’t agree with an insurance adjuster during the inspection, don’t argue. Stay calm, and remember that onsite arguments seldom result in opinions being overturned. Respectfully portray the damages, and be aware that you can submit a supplement after the initial inspection. With the supplement, povide as much documentation to plead your case as possible (as noted in point 2).
  4. Know what to do if a dispute arises – If unnecessary delays, low offers or other complications seem to be holding up your hail damage claim, consult a lawyer. A hail damage claim attorney can explain your options for protecting the value of your claim and help you pursue all available legal remedies.

Struggling with an Insurance Company Over a Hail Damage Claim? Contact a Houston Hail Damage Claim Lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm

Call a Houston hail damage claim lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm at (713) 352-7975 to find out more about your options for resolving a hail damage claim or insurance dispute. You can also email our firm.

At Amaro Law Firm, we are proud to represent clients who face an uphill battle against insurance companies. Our attorneys have previous experience working at insurance defense Law Firms. This means that we are familiar with their common tactics to deny, underpay or delay insurance claims – and that we know how to effectively combat these tactics to protect and advance our clients’ claims. Tireless and dedicated, we are committed to you and your rights to fair and just insurance benefits.

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