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Injured In A Bus Wreck? 5 Steps to take

5 Steps to Take After Being Injured In A Bus Wreck

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5 Steps to Take After Being Injured In A Bus Wreck

For the average American, every day is pretty much the same. You wake up at the same time, board the bus, and commute to work. Most people don’t even give riding public transportation or a private bus a second thought. They fully trust that the bus driver and the bus they are riding will get them safely where they need to go. But what if it doesn’t? Roads are becoming more congested than ever with the expanding population in big cities making the roads more dangerous.

Bus accidents can be a lot worse than your average fender bender. You may feel more secure on a bus given its large size, however busses often lack the typical safety features you would find in a personal vehicle such as airbags and seatbelts. You’re also relying on someone else’s driving to transport you safely from one place to another.

People never think that they would ever find themselves in a bus wreck, and when it does happen, they don’t know what to do. Bus accident claims can be very complicated, so you will want to meet with a qualified personal injury attorney directly after the accident.

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You may be wondering, “Why would I need to meet with a personal injury attorney? Isn’t it a given that the transportation company’s insurance would pay for any injuries?”

Transportation companies do have insurance to cover passengers. However, the insurance is typically a set amount of money to cover everyone. If there are many injured passengers, the pool of money allotted to the accident will impact the amount you receive for your recovery. This is why you will need representation to fight for your right to compensation. But don’t worry, most personal injury attorneys, like the Amaro Law Firm, don’t charge you a fee unless they win your case.

There are a few important measures to take directly after the accident. That’s why we’ve gathered these 5 steps to take after being involved in a bus wreck. If you need immediate assistant, don’t hesitate to contact the Amaro Law Firm for a free, no obligations consultation to obtain insight to your compensation on a potential case.

  1. Seek Medical Attention ASAP

If you are injured seek medical attention right away. The bus driver will likely call 911, but in the case they don’t, call 911 and get an ambulance on the way. If you don’t have any noticeable injuries, it’s still a good idea to get checked for any internal injuries that may not show up right away. If possible, get out of the bus and away from it. A lot of different things can happen to a bus after an accident. Other cars can crash into the bus causing more damage and there’s always a possibility of the bus catching on fire. You’ll want to make sure you find a safe place while you wait for medical care.

  1. Report the Accident

If you’re not injured, report the facts of the accident to the police. It’s crucial for a report to be filed in these types of cases. You’ll want to ensure that you have a chance to tell the police exactly what occurred from your point of view. You’ll also need to speak to any available witnesses. You’ll want to make sure you have their name and phone number as their statement could be valuable ensuring proper compensation in your recovery.

  1. Gather Evidence

It’s very important to gather as much evidence as you can. However, let us emphasize that if you’re seriously injured you need to seek medical attention first. The police will usually collect what is needed. If you’re in a position where you can record the evidence, try to take pictures from every side of the accident. You’ll also want to document your injuries by taking photos of those as well. Lastly, don’t forget to take pictures of all surrounding areas of the accident. Even if you don’t think there is any reason to, you never know what you might have missed that could help your case.

  1. Maintain All Receipts, Bills, and Records

Keep a file of any medical bills (physical and mental), mileage and gas from driving to appointments, receipts, x-rays, and all records that relate to your case. These are crucial in determining your losses and damages due to the accident. This will help an attorney build your case and obtain you proper compensation.

  1. Seek Representation from a Personal Injury Attorney

Bus accident cases can be very complicated due to the many parties that could be at fault. You could be missing out on compensation that you didn’t even know you had the right to. This could come from the city, the bus driver’s employer, the bus manufacturer, etc. An experienced personal injury attorney will know all of the different parties to identify to get you the most financial compensation for your claim.Assembling and resolving a claim can not only be exhausting, but it also doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes claims can take months before you see any compensation. This is why it’s crucial to work with an attorney who empathizes with your position and can help you get results as soon as possible.

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