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5 Signs that You Should Speak to a Lawyer after a Car Wreck

5 Signs You Should Speak to a Lawyer after a Car Wreck

5 Signs You Should Speak to a Lawyer after a Car Wreck

Contacting an attorney after a car accident can help you understand your rights, the value of your claim, and your options for financial recovery. It is vitally important to have an experienced professional on your side as you move forward with your claim. 

The aftermath of car crashes can be a confusing time (especially when significant injuries – like traumatic brain injuries – have been sustained). Here are some of the most common signs that it’s time to speak to a lawyer about your crash and potential claim:

  1. The at-fault party is denying liability for the crash – Mistakes in police reports, conflicting witness statements, and other evidence may be used by an at-fault party (and their insurance company) to deny responsibility for a collision. In some cases, this may even involve blaming the victim for the accident. When this occurs, a battle with an insurance company may be on the horizon. Having an attorney in your corner can be key to making sure the at-fault party is held liable and that you are not wrongly blamed for the crash.
  2. You suffered serious injuries in the crashSerious physical injuries can complicate auto accident claims. This is due to various reasons. For one, it can take some time to determine just how severe injuries (like traumatic brain injuries) are because the symptoms of these injuries can take time to present themselves. Additionally, an insurer may try to argue that the injuries are just not that bad, they weren’t caused by the accident or they don’t require that much ongoing care. A lawyer, however, can help victims demonstrate the cause, extent, and impacts of car accident injuries.
  3. Insurance companies are contacting you about the crash – Whether your insurer or another driver’s insurer is contacting you about the collision, it’s important to be aware that the adjusters are not on your side and that they are not looking out for you. They may try to mislead you into making recorded statements, unintentionally assuming the blame for the crash or doing something else to sabotage your claim. An attorney can help you avoid any missteps and make sure that insurance companies do not compromise your rights or financial recovery.
  4. You’ve been offered a settlement – No matter how generous a settlement offer may “seem” to be, do NOT accept (or deny) it without first speaking to a lawyer. An attorney can analyze the offer and clearly explain whether it’s fair or leaves you exposed to unknown liabilities such as hospital bills or insurance payment liens – or whether you deserve (and should hold out for) more. In fact, a lawyer can take factors like future medical treatments and future lost wages into consideration to help you figure out whether the offer is reasonable (or not).
  5. Your claim has been denied – Do NOT accept an insurer’s denial of your car accident claim as the last or final word in the matter, especially if you are certain that you were not at fault for the crash. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to use minor (or even invalid) reasons to deny claims. An attorney can help you hold insurers accountable for wrongful denials so you are able to secure the compensation to which you’re entitled.

When it comes to contacting the Amaro Law Firm after a car accident, the bottom line is that:

  • Initial consultations are free.
  • An attorney will provide you with indispensable information about your rights and options.
  • We work on a contingency basis which means you owe nothing unless we win your case.

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