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Where Can I Check a Car Accident Attorney’s History? 4 Important Sources to Look At

How to Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Claim: 10 Things to Do

Looking for the right lawyer for your car accident claim? Check attorneys’ credentials, reviews, and more at:

  1. The state bar association
  2. Industry organizations (like Avvo)
  3. Attorney legal directories and third-party review sites
  4. The law firm’s website

Here’s what you can learn from each of these resources and what to do after you’ve checked them.

Where to Look When It’s Time to Find a Car Accident Attorney

As you look for lawyers, checking each of these four sources can help you figure out who specializes in cases like yours and who would be the best fit for your claim.

The State Bar Association

Search for lawyers at the state bar association website to check if the options you’re considering are:

  • Are licensed to practice in the state
  • Specialize in car accident cases like yours
  • Have ever had an official censure or complaint filed against them
  • Are in good standing with the state bar

Use this search tool to search for attorneys at the Texas State Bar Association’s website.

Industry Organizations

Avvo, Super Lawyers, and other industry organizations can give you more insight into:

  • Attorneys’ success rates
  • The quality of representation a lawyer is known for providing
  • How well-respected a lawyer is among his or her colleagues

Attorney Legal Directories & Third-Party Review Sites

Online lawyer directories, as well as review sites like Google and Facebook, are great places to check out online reviews for different attorneys. These reviews can uncover important information like:

  • How responsive and communicative a lawyer is throughout a case
  • The experience prior clients had with a given attorney and whether they’d recommend that professional

The Law Firm’s Website

Visiting attorney’s or law firm’s website is an effective way to learn more about the specific types of cases a lawyer handles, as well as any notable verdicts or settlements the attorney has secured. While these sites can also showcase reviews for attorneys (and law firms), they can also highlight:

  • Other awards or recognitions a lawyer may have earned
  • Special skills an attorney may have, like speaking Spanish
  • Any additional value an attorney or firm brings to the table, like working on contingency, free consultations, and more.

What to Do After the Initial Research Phase

After you’ve identified your best options for lawyers, schedule an initial consultation with your top three picks and ask these questions when you meet them:

  • Have you handled cases like mine before? How many and what’s your success rate?
  • Will you handle my case for the entire process or will you pass it off at some point?
  • How and when will you get my case started?
  • How often will I get case updates?
  • How soon can I expect a response if I call or email with questions about my case?
  • What are your fees and when I do I have to pay them?
  • Do you have any references I can speak to?

With answers to these questions—and a personal experience meeting different attorneys face to face, you’ll have all the information you need to select the right lawyer for your car accident claim.

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