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Why Report a Car Accident? 3 Key Reasons to Report a Wreck

Why Report a Car Accident? 3 Key Reasons to Report a Wreck

Reporting a car accident is important because:

  1. It’s the law (in many states and situations).
  2. It can help you figure out who’s at fault (through a police report, etc.)
  3. It can help you with a future car accident claim (with insurers).

Here’s a closer look at each of these key benefits to reporting a car accident.

Reason #1 to Report a Car Accident: It’s the Law.

If you’re in a crash that results in injury, death, or property damage totaling at least $1,000, you are required by Texas law to report that accident to police.1 You can report it:

  • At the scene, by calling the police immediately after the wreck
  • Within 10 days of the crash.

If you fail to notify authorities of an accident that, per Texas law, should have been reported, you can face a driver’s license suspension and potentially other penalties.

Given that it’s not always clear how much property damage costs or whether other parties may be injured, calling police after any crash is typically in drivers’ best interests.

Reason #2 to Report a Car Accident: It Can Help with Fault Determinations.

When you call police after a crash, they will:

  • Talk to all parties involved in the crash
  • Talk to any witnesses
  • Examine the accident scene
  • Gather evidence, like accident scene photos and/or chemical test results (when impaired driving may be suspected).

Police will then write up an official accident report, explaining their investigation and findings. While this report may attribute fault in some cases, it can also hold essential evidence that helps determine fault (when the report doesn’t explicitly do so itself).

Consequently, reporting an accident can be pivotal to determining liability and how to pursue financial recovery for the damage caused by the crash.

Reason #3 to Report a Car Accident: It Can Help a Future Car Accident Case.

With all the evidence police reports can contain—and the fact that reports can help establish fault, they can be crucial to the strength and success of a car accident claim.

In fact, if you have reported a car accident case to police, it can be far easier to prove the cause of (and fault for) the accident, instead of just relying on he said-she said statements from the involved parties.

Ultimately, that can mean:

  • Faster resolutions to auto accident claims: When it’s clear who’s at fault, the liable parties can be far more likely to try to settle the case early, rather than expend the time and money fighting a claim they have little (to no) chance of winning.
  • Higher recoveries from these cases: It’s usually easier to secure the full amount of compensation car crash victims deserve when there’s strong evidence, like a police report, to back up their case.

While calling police to report a crash is crucial, contacting the Amaro Law Firm can also be essential when it’s time to pursue a claim. That’s because our experienced Houston car accident attorneys can:

  • Explain your best options for seeking the recovery you may deserve
  • Advocate your rights and stand up to any opponent on your behalf
  • Set your claim up for a successful outcome and the maximum possible recovery.

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If you or a loved one has been hurt in a car accident, you may have various options for holding the at-fault parties accountable and seeking compensation for your injuries and losses. The top-rated Houston car accident lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm are ready to explain your legal options for seeking justice and financial recovery.

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1: Texas statute on reporting car accidents