Month: November 2018

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  • November
    26 2018

    California Fire Insurance Benefits: How to Maximize Claim Payouts

    More than 250,000 acres have been ravaged by the November 2018 wildfires in California,1 making it one of the most destructive fires in state history. While recovery teams continue searching for the more than 100 people who are still missing, others have begun to pick up the pieces, embarking on the incredibly difficult tasks of […]

  • November
    20 2018

    Hit & Runs: What to Do in a Car Wreck When Another Driver Flees the Scene

    Texas Car Accident Lawyer When motorists are in crashes anywhere in Texas, state law1 requires them to stay at the accident scene and exchange driver- and insurance-related information with the other involved parties. Texas law also requires drivers to always call police whenever the accident involves: ·         Injuries ·         Damaged vehicles that cannot be moved […]

  • November
    15 2018

    Cuisinart & Elite Bistro Pressure Cooker Explosions Trigger Investigations, Lawsuits Will Likely Follow

    Reports of exploding Cuisinart & Elite Bistro pressure cookers have spurred an investigation into whether manufacturer negligence and product defects are to blame. These 8-quart pressure cookers are made by Maxi-Matic and have been sold through the Home Shopping Network (HSN) in 2015 (and earlier). According to reports, both the Cuisinart & Elite Bistro pressure […]

  • November
    08 2018

    5 Important Steps to Take after an 18-Wheeler Injury Accident

    As the dust settles after an 18-wheeler wreck, the steps you take can substantially impact both your physical and financial recovery. To help you avoid any missteps that could derail or upset your recovery, below, we have uncovered the 5 most important things to do after an 18-wheeler truck crash. 1. Call 911. This is […]

  • November
    06 2018

    How Insurance Works in an Uber or Lyft Accident

    Incredibly popular with drivers and riders, Uber and Lyft are ridesharing companies that operate in hundreds of cities across the nation. While Uber and Lyft can provide convenient ways to earn money and quickly get rides, they can present drivers and riders with some challenges in the aftermath of a crash. In fact, what few […]