Month: July 2018

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  • July
    16 2018

    New Mexico Bus Wreck Kills 3 and Injures 24 on Interstate 25

      A bus wreck occurred around 2:00 a.m. while traveling on I-25 through New Mexico Highway. The devastating wreck involved three other vehicles, killed 3 people, and sent 24 others to the hospital with injuries   The tour bus was on its way to El Paso from Denver, carrying 35 people including the two bus drivers. […]

  • July
    03 2018

    Illegal Truck Stops: The Problems & Accident-Related Risks

    Motor vehicles parked on the shoulder of a road or highway are not an uncommon sight. Flat tires, crashes and other incidents can result in the need for drivers to stop on the side of the road and deal with a situation before they can keep traveling. In some cases, however, these stops can be […]