Month: September 2017

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  • September
    26 2017

    New DOT Rule Requiring More Training for Entry-Level Truckers Now In Effect

    As of June 2017, a new federal trucking regulation that requires specific training for entry-level truckers took effect. This rule provides a three-year compliance window for motor carriers, trainers and others, and it will impact truck drivers who receive their commercial drivers’ licenses (CDLs) on or after February 7, 2020. Have You or a Loved […]

  • September
    19 2017

    Settlement Demand Letters: What They Are & How to Write/Send Them

    When it’s time to seek damages for accident-related injuries and losses, sending a well-written settlement demand letter to the insurance company can be an important first step. A good demand letter may be a catalyst for negotiating a fair settlement, potentially expediting the resolution of a claim. A solid demand letter can also serve as […]

  • September
    05 2017

    Diagnosing Concussions: How Accurate Is Tablet-Based Software ‘BrainCheck’?

    Every year in the U.S., between 1.2 and 2.85 million people sustain a concussion, a mild form of traumatic brain injury (TBI). These injuries cause irreversible neurological issues in at least 70,000 of these concussion sufferers, costing about $60 billion annually. While these statistics may be compelling enough, researchers and medical professionals believe they underestimate […]