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Month: August 2016

Federal Regulations of Commercial Motor Vehicles

Federal law places strict regulations on the operation of commercial vehicles because commercial vehicle related accidents tend to be much more catastrophic than a wreck between two passenger vehicles.  Further, commercial vehicles are also harder to stop, have more momentum,...

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Commercial Vehicle Tire Blowout Leaves Two Dead in Angelina County, Texas

A commercial vehicle suffered a tire blowout in US Highway 59 North, near River Crest Road, in Angelina County on August 10, 2016.  The driver of the vehicle (Gorrin Caballero) lost control after the blowout, crossed the median, and collided...

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Seven Workers Injured In Sunoco Flash Fire

A flash fire injured seven workers, including four critically injured, at Sunoco Logistics in Nederland, Texas during the late evening hours of August 12, 2016.  The accident occurred while some workers were welding on a crude-oil pipeline.  The cause of...

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Three People Killed: Commercial Truck Wreck In Royse City, Texas

On June 29, 2016 an 18-wheeler heading westbound on I-30 in Royse City close to FM 35 lost control of his vehicle, and crossed into the eastbound lanes killing three people.  The 18-wheeler struck a passenger car before hitting another...

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