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Month: August 2015

Workers Compensation Fraud Case Costs Injured Carpenter $100K

An injured Florida carpenter faces over $100,000 in medical bills due to alleged workers compensation fraud from his employer. Mike New was working on a house near Fort Myers when he fell off a scaffold. He broke several bones in...

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Texas Firefighter Seeks Workers Compensation In Cancer Battle

A Dallas-are firefighter is seeking workers compensation to cover the costs of his battle with colon cancer. Keith Long filed a workers compensation claim citing that his colon cancer was caused by his exposure to toxic chemicals during his twenty-year...

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Bumble Bee Foods To Pay $6M In Workplace Wrongful Death Settlement

San Diego-based Bumble Bee Foods, makers of canned tuna and other food products, agreed to pay $6 million in a workplace wrongful death settlement. The amount is the largest workplace wrongful death settlement in California history. The company agreed to...

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Idaho Workplace Injury Lawsuit Cites “Radioactive Dust”

An employee at an Idaho nuclear power plant has filed a workplace injury lawsuit alleging that unsafe working conditions in the plant made other workers ill. The nuclear operator at the plant claims that he and other employees were either...

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