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Month: January 2012

Water Rights Becoming Issue In Light Of Texas Drought

In January of 2012, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) issued a notice to multiple groups in the Texas Sabine River Basin. Sources say these groups were told that their rights to the river water will be suspended because...

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Northeastern U.S. Will Increase Dependence On Gulf Coast Refineries

According to many recent reports, the northeastern United States is expected to lose half of its regional fuel production capability following financial troubles which have pushed the refineries to a standstill. Many economists believe the situation is likely to increase...

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USAA To Increase Rates For 3rd Time This Year

According to reports, Texas USAA home and condo insurance policyholders are facing the third rate increase in the past 12 months. Reportedly, the San Antonio based company has announced it plans to raise rates an average of 5.7 percent beginning...

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La Grange Jury Awards $150 Billion Following Vicious Attack on Young Boy

According to reports, a jury in La Grange has awarded the family of Robbie Middleton more than $150 billion in damages. Sources say the verdict is the largest in a personal injury case in U.S. history. Unfortunately, many legal authorities...

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