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Month: October 2011

U.S. Senate Passes Bill on Pipeline Regulation After Months of Holdup

According to reports, a bill which tightens federal safety regulations over oil and gas pipelines passed through the senate on October 17, 2011. However, sources say the bill was allowed to proceed after a Republican senator dropped his opposition to...

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Wildfires and Drought Cause Texas Agriculture Industry Suffer in 2011

According to reports, during 2011 Texas wildfires burned thousands of miles of fencing, over 1,500 heads of livestock, and sections of pasture nearly twice as long as Delaware. Sources say the states agriculture sector was already suffering from the effects...

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Heated Debate Surrounds Pipeline Project Stretching from Canada to Port Arthur, Texas

On September 26, 2011, the city of Port Arthur, Texas hosted a state public hearing to discuss Key Stone XL which is a project to create a crude pipeline system which stretches from Canada to Texas. Sources say the 1,700...

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Personal Injury Claims Arising from Chemical Dispersant Exposure Can Proceed

Several companies involved with the use of chemical dispersants known as Corexit have been denied their motion for immunity from potentially thousands of personal injury lawsuits stemming from the use of Corexit after the BP Gulf oil spill of 2010....

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