Month: February 2011

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  • February
    23 2011

    How to Choose the Right Lawyer

    It's normal to feel intimidated while talking to an attorney. The common perception is that law is an elite field of study which is difficult for "everyday" people to understand. Naturally, some people may feel a little nervous about questioning the skill or advice of a potential attorney. However, asking questions is one of the […]

  • February
    17 2011

    2 Injured When San Antonio Garage Collapses

    On February 14, 2011, air horns alerted about 120 construction workers to evacuate a parking garage construction site at Urzbach Road and Medical Drive in San Antonio, Texas. The parking garage was being built as part of the University Medical Hospital's 900 million dollar expansion. Witnesses reported hearing rumbling and seeing beams fall down with […]

  • February
    15 2011

    Federal Officials Investigate Enterprise Mont Belvieu Plant Explosion and Resulting Death.

    Both Federal and State officials are investigating the cause of an explosion and fire which killed one worker at Enterprise Product's Mont Belvieu plant east of Houston on February 8, 2010. Since 2004, Enterprise has paid thousands of dollars for serious safety violations, which includes at least one other death. Enterprise owned and operated a […]

  • February
    11 2011

    Pennsylvania Natural Gas Explosion Kills 5

    On Wednesday, an 83-year old cast-iron gas main may have been the cause of a large explosion which destroyed a row-house neighborhood and killed 5 people in Allen Town, Pennsylvania. The blast was the latest in a string of national gas explosions and has led many to question the safety of the country's 2.5 million […]