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Top 20 Most Dangerous Intersections in Texas

Top 20 Most Dangerous Intersections in Texas
Top 20 Most Dangerous Intersections in Texas

While crashes can occur wherever vehicles converge, they are highly likely to take place at or near intersections. This is largely because intersections are sites of constantly changing traffic conditions, creating more possibilities for motorists to overlook something, make mistakes, etc.

In Texas, Houston reportedly has the highest number of dangerous intersections (when compared to every other city in the state), with more than 80 intersections in Houston being the site of at least one motor vehicle accident every month. Following Houston, San Antonio and Dallas round out the top three cities in Texas with the most dangerous intersections.

Texas’ Most Dangerous Intersections

The following list reveals  the top 20 intersections in Texas where the most crashes, injuries and death occur. This ranking is in order of most to less dangerous intersections (with the number in parentheses indicating the average number of auto accidents occurring at the intersection in a given year). 1

  1. Houston – Bissonnet Street & Sam Houston Parkway (84)
  2. Houston – Hardy Road & Sam Houston Parkway (70)
  3. Houston – Sam Houston Parkway & Westheimer Road (58)
  4. San Antonio – Interstate Highway (IH) 10 & Loop 1604 (53)
  5. San Antonio – Braun Road & Loop 1604 (67)
  6. Houston – Main Street & South Loop (51)
  7. Houston –Greens Road & IH 45 (44)
  8. Houston – Main Street & Sam Houston Parkway (41)
  9. Houston – Beechnut Street & Sam Houston Parkway (47)
  10. San Antonio – Bandera Road & Loop 1604 (66)

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  1. Houston – Sam Houston Parkway & Westpark Tollway (36)
  2. San Antonio – Ingram Road & Loop 410 (51)
  3. Webster – IH 45 & Nasa Parkway (85)
  4. Houston – Hammerly Boulevard & Sam Houston Parkway (30)
  5. Houston – IH 45 & Sam Houston Parkway ( 39)
  6. Houston – Sam Houston Parkway & Veterans Memorial Driver (44)
  7. Lubbock – Loop 289 & Slide Road (47)
  8. Dallas – Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway & Skillman Street (33)
  9. Houston – Clay Road & Sam Houston Parkway (31)
  10. Houston – Harwin Driver& Sam Houston Parkway (32).

Please note that, in some cases, lower ranked intersections have a greater number of accidents than those ranked higher on this list. This is due to a greater incidence of injury and deaths at the sites ranked higher on this list (than those ranked lower).

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1: TxDOT Intersection Accidents Statistics