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Multi-Vehicle 18-Wheeler Accident in Spring, TX, Injures 3, Investigation Ongoing

Texas truck accident 18 Wheeler on Texas highway

A seven-vehicle crash on I-45 in Spring, TX, has left three people injured and many now demanding answers about just how this wreck happened. According to the Spring Fire Department (SFD), the 18-wheeler accident occurred on Friday, Nov. 13th, close to Spring High School just after noon.

Initial reports from the SFD indicated five passenger vehicles were involved in this truck accident; however, subsequent reports stated upped that to six passenger vehicles.

Immediately after the wreck, a child who suffered severe, non-life-threatening injuries was reportedly airlifted to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment. Two other victims were taken by ambulance to local hospitals.

Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Department (HCSD) joined the SDF to assist the victims, investigate the accident, and clear the wreckage. Over the several hours this coordinated effort took, traffic was backed up for miles down the I-45.

Aside from these details, authorities have not released any other information regarding what may have caused the crash, what witnesses have reported, or which vehicles were hit first. As the investigation continues, more of these details may soon come to light.

After the 7-Vehicle Truck Accident: What the Footage Reveals

Despite the minimal details reported by authorities, footage of the accident’s aftermath may uncover more key facts about this wreck.

Specifically, some of the potentially helpful details shown in the footage, which was captured by a local news helicopter, include:

  • The location, position, and damage to at least three of the vehicles involved: The 18-wheeler veered off the highway, ending up its hood crumpled up in a ditch as the trailer extended across a median of trees. Only the rig’s rear end was visible from I-45.

    Alongside the demolished trees that lay in the big rig’s path was a white sedan, with its front passenger end nestled next to the front of the trailer, on the rig’s driver’s side. The airbags had deployed, and the sedan showed extensive damage on all sides.

    Another vehicle visible in the footage is a dark sedan, which appeared to be primarily damaged on the rear driver’s side. It had spun in the accident, ending up facing oncoming traffic, just out of the way of traffic, on the shoulder of the highway.
  • The debris and other features at the accident scene: Shredded tires, broken taillights, pieces of bumpers, and other debris were scattered across the accident scene. Where these items ended up, as depicted in accident-scene photos or police reports, can help establish the chain of events that led to the multi-vehicle wreck.

    Similarly, the footage shows distinctive tire tread marks by the highway, like where the truck or white sedan went off-road. These and/or other tread marks can reveal more about what drivers did immediately before, during, and/or after the collision. For instance, these marks can indicate whether and when drivers may have tried to slam on the brakes or swerve at the last minute.

    On the other hand, an absence of tire tread marks can be just as revealing, showing drivers may not have noticed what was happening around them and, therefore, may not have tried to take any action to avoid the collision right before it happened.

Potentially providing more insight and context for these details could be evidence like (but not limited to):

  • Dashcam footage, which can show what truckers and/or motorists near the truck were doing at the time of the collision
  • Records from electronic onboard recorders, which can reveal more about the actions of the trucker and the condition of the 18-wheeler prior to or during the wreck
  • Chemical test results, which could uncover whether driver intoxication was a factor
  • Cellphone records, which may indicate distracted driving was been involved   
  • The police report, the details of which could reveal key information from witness statements, along with other findings from the official investigation
  • Trucker and/or motor carrier records, such as driving logs and vehicle maintenance records

Complicated Investigation Could Take Months

In multi-vehicle wrecks like this one, examining all of the evidence, putting the pieces together, and seeing the big picture regarding accident causes can take time. As this effort continues, the HCSD is encouraging any witnesses to come forward and report any information they may have regarding this wreck.

If you know anything about this 18-wheeler accident, contact the HCSD via its non-emergency line at (713) 221-6000 to share your information.

Of course, even after the months, it may take for police to wrap up their investigation, that may be just the beginning of the road to recovery for victims and their families. When it’s time for them to move forward on the road to recovery, the help of an experienced lawyer can make all of the difference.