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10 Best Outdoor Activities in Lakeway

Getting outside in Lakeway, Texas, can do more than give you a breath of fresh air — it can also energize, delight, and thrill you! Whether you like pushing yourself to your physical limits outside or you enjoy taking in the sights and sounds of nature in a more leisurely way, here are some of the best places to start enjoying the great outdoors in and around Lakeway, Texas.

1. Boating

No matter what type of watercraft you like to take out and ride the waters in, Lakeway has some nice options for boating waters that are sure to provide endless fun under the sun.

Top Boating Spots in & Near Lakeway

  1. Lakeway Marina
  2. Lake Travis
  3. Hurst Harbor Marina
  4. Zilker Park
  5. Mansfield Dam Park

2. Hiking & Jogging

Packed with parks and lovely greenspaces, Lakeway has no shortage of hiking and jogging trails, some of which parallel creeks and natural gems, creating a stunning backdrop for a serene walk, a rigorous run, and anything in between.

Top Hiking Spots in & Near Lakeway

  1. Hamilton Greenbelt
  2. Lakeway Trail
  3. Canyonlands Trails
  4. Lakeway City Park
  5. Smith Greenbelt

3. Fishing

Try to reel in your biggest catch yet when you fish in and around the Lakeway area. From the local rivers to the lakes, there are several fishing spots and local species to land!

Top Fishing Spots in & Near Lakeway

  1. Hippie Hollow Park
  2. Mansfield Dam Park
  3. Lake Austin
  4. Lake Travis
  5. Commons Ford Ranch Metropolitan Park

4. Swimming

Swimming is another beloved outdoor pastime in Lakeway, and there are some lovely waters in and around the city where you can dive in and get your swim on.

Top Swimming Spots in & Near Lakeway

  1. Lakeway Swim Center
  2. Mansfield Dam Park
  3. Lakeway City Park
  4. Hippie Hollow Park
  5. Canyonlands Trails

More Outdoor Activities in Lakeway, TX

Beyond the above activities, you can also take in the best that Lakeway and its neighbors have to offer when you do things like (but not limited to):

  1. Going to the Lone Star Farmer’s Market
  2. Taking a kayak tour by Congress Avenue Bridge and check out the bats
  3. Seeing a local band or touring live act in the park
  4. Dining on the patio of one of Lakeway’s beloved restaurants
  5. Camping at one of the dozens of campgrounds throughout Lakeway
  6. Touring the murals around Lakeway

Hurt in or Around Lakeway, TX?

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