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  • June
    13 2017

    8 Most Common Asbestos-Related Diseases 

    Asbestos exposure can increase the risk of developing various diseases, some malignant and others benign. Although being exposed to asbestos does not guarantee that someone will develop health complications, it does result in an elevated risk of various diseases for decades after exposure. In the most serious cases, asbestos-related diseases can be severely debilitating, if […]

  • June
    12 2017

    Anxiety & Stress:  Not So Obvious Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

    Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating for many reasons. For starters, they can be challenging to diagnose because the symptoms can remain latent for days, if not longer. Another reason is that TBIs are not limited to physical symptoms. They can also have serious emotional and psychological impacts, including anxiety and stress. Have You or […]

  • June
    08 2017

    5 Things You Must NOT Do after a Car Accident

    A car accident can be unnerving, if not devastating. Knowing what to avoid doing in the immediate aftermath of a crash can help you: Maintain your composure Protect your rights and a potential claim Sidestep any mistakes that could sabotage your financial recovery Start taking the right steps to position a future claim for success. […]

  • June
    07 2017

    Can a Broker or Shipper Be Liable for a Truck Wreck?  

    Whether a broker or shipper can be negligent and liable for a truck accident will depend on various factors, including: The exact cause(s) of the truck accident – If the (in)action(s) of a truck driver contributed to a wreck, the trucker and possibly a trucking company, a broker and/or a shipper may be liable. The […]

  • June
    06 2017

    What Type of Damages Can Be Recovered in a Talcum Powder Exposure Lawsuit? 

    Successful talcum powder lawsuits can result in financial recoveries for plaintiffs that include various types of damages. The precise nature and amount of these damages will depend on the specifics of a given case. In general, however, these recoveries can include compensatory damages and possibly punitive damages. Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer after Using Talc Powder? […]